Jersey Bents is now proud to feature the Alinker™ R-volultion, a revolutionary walking bike that is changing the way people move.

The Alinker™ R-volution is a cool, three-wheeled walkingbike (no pedals!)  that is designed to make people move in a new way.  It provides another way to stay active, adds variety to workouts, increases walking distance while reducing fatigue, and allows the rider to go the distance with a big smile on their face.  It's a vehicle that is helping many people live a more active and connected life.   

The Alinker™ R-volution is the brainchild of Barbara Alink, founder of The Alinker Inventions Ltd.  She designed the bike in a quest to create solutions for people who want to live an active life, but who have developed or may be developing mobility challenges.  

Features of the Alinker R-volution:

  • It has a lightweight, foldable, and portable frame so you can take it with you on outings.

  • Invites curiosity, engaging other people with the rider.

  • Elevates the rider so they're at eye level with their companions.

  • Expands walking range creating new possibilities for activity.

  • Allows people to regain lost mobility and get physical exercise.

  • Clever design allows it to be stable on uneven surfaces.

  • Uses standard bicycle parts and technology to make it easy to maintain and customize.

Popular on the streets of Amsterdam, the Alinker has come to the East Coast via Jersey Bents.

We are the only store in the region where you can test ride and preorder an Alinker R-volution.

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The Alinker R-volution walking bike fills a distinct consumer need by challenging the stigma associated with the use of traditional mobility devices.  It is sporty, well-designed, and fun to use.  For our customers, being perceived as equal to their peers is a deeply emotional experience.  Alinker riders report that the walking bike allows them to experience life in the way they want - free, independent, and actively included.

What People are Saying about the Alinker™ R-volution: